Daniel Vickery

Daniel Vickery


I'm Daniel.

This site is a portfolio of my current and past projects, as well as other stuff that's going on.

Taipei Intersection

What's up?

July 2015 - Building an energy platform for light electric vehicles at Gogoro in Taipei, Taiwan.

What will energy and transportation be like in the future?


March 2015 - Building humanoid robots with Hanson Robotics.

December 2014 - Working on new ways to construct high-energy battery packs at QFE.

September 2014 - Intensive Mandarin study with MTC at NTNU in Taiwan.

August 2014 - Stuck at home all month after four days in Saint Teresa's hospital in Kowloon.

April 2014 - De Colombia para Hong Kong

March 2014 - A place to share my Colombian music online: Cien años del disco

February 2014 - Contribution to the One Earth Designs Blog: Choosing The Right Cookware For SolSource

October 2013 - At the 4th World Young Leaders Forum in Beijing.

September 2013 - At SOCAP 2013 in San Francisco.

May 2013 - Now in Hong Kong, with One Earth Designs.

April 2013 - Preliminary Colombian record review.

Winter 2013 - In Colombia, record-hunting.

January 2012 - A little mix.

Winter/Spring 2012 - Hardware design for Sun servers at Oracle.

August 2011 - My M.I.T. M.Eng thesis is finished!